Well let me start by saying that it’s going to be very hard writing blogs when all I want to do is spend all my free time floating on this product and being lazy!

I just got out of my pool so I’m feeling particularly “lazy creative”.  Lazy bunz is a name we created to give you the idea and image of being lazy (even though we know you’re not).  Lazy bunz is a FUN, floating device that you would use at the beach, pool, lake, on vacation, at the boat, or basically anywhere there is water.

Our main key focus points for lazy bunz was the product had to be super comfy, light weight, durable, come in awesome color choices and be able to float you anywhere and everywhere.

Let’s face it noodles are boring and uncomfortable and while you’re trying to float on a noodle it’s hard to kept your hands free. With lazy bunz you’re able to float with ease and keep those hands free for that favorite cocktail or boat cleaning.

Everyone that has already floated on lazy bunz has been super impressed saying “You got it right!” They love its style, look, feel and commented on its quality and the fact they floated with ease.

How does it work? You simply straddle it between your legs and sit on it. The lazy bunz will naturally contour to your lower body, whatever your shape or size, it will instantly form a saddle around you, giving you that super-comfortable feeling of floatation and relaxation instantly.

And one other thing … if you’re like me and hate the feeling of your feet touching the bottom of that lake or ocean, then problem solved – lazy bunz keeps you off the bottom providing a more enjoyable floating experience.