Lazy Bunz is a water-based lifestyle brand inspired by the relaxed and unhurried attitude of the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida. 

Our roots began by creating unique and relaxing water floats and accessories for use in the pool, at the beach or while boating. Lazy Bunz embodies the desire to live a relaxed and leisurely life in any location that can be best summed up by our tagline “Living the Lazy Life”.

The brand was founded by Chris Juall and Craig “Kiwi” Rapihana in 2013 but its roots go back almost 20 years to when Chris was boating off the beautiful beach of Cayo Costa Island in SW Florida during a hot summer afternoon.  Because of the intense tropical heat that day, it was essential to float in the water versus on the water in order to keep cool and be comfortable. That action coupled with the need to socialize and have a few beverages with friends inspired the ultimate tool for living the lazy life – the Lazy Bunz water float.  However, due to many life events (marriage, kids, career, etc.) the company wouldn’t be formed until much later on. 

Prior to 2010 Chris & Kiwi had never met.  They were busy with their own careers and training for triathlons while only dreaming about living the lazy life within their hectic work weeks.  They met during a group run organized by the local triathlon club.  It was during that run that fate was sealed.  The combination of Chris’ inspiration 15yrs earlier and Kiwi’s magnetic personality, successful HSN resume, and excellent product knowledge put the wheels of Lazy Bunz in motion. Today they live the lazy life on a regular basis and it’s a wonderful prescription for a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life.  

In 2018 they sold the rights to the Lazy Bunz water floats to TRC Recreation (their original manufacturer) and will focus on expanding the brand.