During our travels we love hearing from our customers. They often provide meaningful questions and great suggestions to make our products even better than they already are. Our customers know how to live the lazy life so we're all ears!

Our interaction with our customers also produces a few questions that we are asked on a regular basis so we decided to address them for others on this page - our "FAQ" section. 

Surprisingly more than one would think! We’ve found that people can float comfortably up to 300lbs. Naturally, some people will float better than others.

The best way to store them is on their side with spacing in between. Hanging them from the handle is NOT a good solution as the “pull” generated by the weight of the float could temporarily deform the handle area. Hanging them can also create small cracks to appear in our vinyl at the corners. The cracks will only effect the look of the lazy bunz and not the integrity of the float. 

Vinyl coating tends to always stick to other vinyl. If this happens to you then it’s recommended that you submerge both floats before trying to separate them. This should reduce the risk of the logo/printing being removed.

The vinyl coating initially has a strong smell (like spray paint) when they are first unpacked. The smell usually wears off after about one week.

Why do the lazy bunz have small holes on one end of the float?

They are not mistakes. That is where we pin them to enable the floats to be dipped in their vinyl coating. Don’t worry, they won’t absorb water and are not harmful to the integrity of the float.

No. Although they make great floats and could certainly help someone in need they are not approved as a USCG lifesaving device.

Whenever closed-cell foam is dipped in vinyl paint there will always be subtle dimensional differences. Factors like the foam supplier, vinyl paint color and weather all can play a role in the sizing of a product. It’s an inherent characteristic found in all products manufactured this way.

Lazy Bunz are created using only the highest quality of soft Closed-Cell foam there is. We Combined the best material with the best shaped design to give you that perfect comfortable float.

Yes! They can be packed in a suitcase (laid flat) or make an easy airplane carry-on. They also fit nicely in most overhead storage areas as well as under a seat.

Yes! One of our big benefits is we can custom logo for our clients. As a result, Lazy Bunz are perfect for resorts, beach rentals and businesses that are looking for a unique and practical promotional solution while generating significant additional income.